It is often found that there is an abnormal development of the penis. Chordee is the congenital condition which results from this. A sexologist doctor can treat this condition, which is a birth defect. The position of the head of the penis remains at the junction of the head and the shaft of the penis in this condition as the penis head curves downward or upward. When the penis is in the flaccid state, there is resistance to straightening, although it mostly happens in the time of erection. Chordee is found to be associated with hypospadias in a large percentage of cases, but not all. It is found that the urethral opening has moved to the underside of the penis rather than at the tip in hypospadias. The urethral opening can be located in different places including:

  • The position right under the tip of the penis, which is called distal
  • The area including the midshaft along the bottom of the penis shaft
  • The point called the Penoscrotal where the scrotum, sac of the skin holding the testicles is attached to the penis.
  • The perineal on the area of the skin located between the scrotum and anus, which is called the perineum.

There are differences between Chordee and Peyronie’s disease, in which there is a curvature of the shaft of the penis due to injury during adult life. The  sexologists in Kolkata can treat chordee.


A sharp upward or downward curve of the penis is the most visible symptom of chordee. The starting position of the curve can be any point between the base of the penis near the testicles and the beginning of the glans. There can be splashing of your urine or it may go into unwanted direction if you have hypospadias. This symptom, however, doesn’t occur in all cases.

Some other symptoms of chordee include:

1. Penile torsion

The midline raphe that is located on the bottom of the penis shaft circles around the penis tissue rather than running along the shaft.

2. Dorsal preputial hood

The foreskin that usually wraps around the tip of the penis covers only the top half of the penis.

3. Skin tethering

There can be extreme thinness of the skin around the urethra near the tip of the penis.

4. Webbed penis

An area of webbed skin forms when the skin of the scrotum is connected with the skin on the bottom of the penis.

Some men can find sex to be uncomfortable, difficult or impossible due to the shape of the penis.

If chordee is mild, a person may not notice that his penis is curved until he gets his first erection during puberty.

If there are symptoms of chordee, one must consult the best sexologist doctor in Kolkata.


The sexologist doctor will treat chordee by straightening your child’s penis and making sure that the urethral opening is at the tip of the penis. Sometimes, the surgeon uses a plastic surgery technique called Z-plasty if there are any scars because of chordee after circumcision. Surgery can also be effective if chordee is not diagnosed until one becomes an adult. For a final repair of chordee, some men or old boys may need to go for additional surgery.