A wide variety of problems fall under male sexual dysfunction. These include low libido, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction (ED) and other issues. There are many men who hesitate in talking about these problems although they know that the problems are common. These men open up to their doctors about these issues only after suffering for many days.

As a result of continuous medical research, there are many effective treatment options available for abnormalities in male sexual function nowadays. You have to consult a sexology doctor in Kolkata if you are having any sexual problem. The doctor will make a complete evaluation of your sexual health and be able to detect the cause of the problem. Here we will discuss some facts about male sexual dysfunction.

Sexual problems may indicate cardiovascular or other medical issues

Any man should inform the doctor if he experiences a change in libido, erection or ejaculation. The cause of early ejaculation can be medication, nerve damage or other direct urinary conditions. It may be the first sign of diabetes if there is are problems in libido or erection. This may also indicate a hormonal imbalance. A cardiovascular issue or prostate cancer can be there if a man has problems with erection.

Sexual function has a strong link with mental health

There are different types of sexual disorders that can happen due to mental health issues including anxiety, depression and other psychiatric illnesses. A strong connection is present between erectile dysfunction and depression.

Changes in sexual function can happen from medications for mental illness

Though very rare, this can happen. Whenever there are some sexual problems as a side effect of medication, you should consult your doctor. He/she can suggest some other medicines, which have lesser side effects.

Some changes in sexual function are normal as your age increases

As you grow older, there can be some changes in sexual drive, performance and function. According to the best sexologist in Kolkata, giving more time in foreplay or direct stimulation can help to overcome this. Sex therapy can be very beneficial if other methods don’t give the desired result. If you feel the changes are difficult to overcome, you should consult your doctor. He/she can detect problematic issues including medical issues and properly treat them.

Your sexual performance will improve if your overall health improves

Many of our health issues are interconnected with each other. Our sexual performance depends on the cardiovascular, neurological, hormonal and psychological systems. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, it can significantly improve your sexual function. You can have great overall health by improving diet, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and exercising regularly. This will ultimately improve your sexual health.