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Serum Creatinine Test

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The level of creatinine in the blood is measured by a serum creatinine test. When creatine, which is found in your muscle, breaks down, a waste product called creatinine is formed. Your urologist can get information about how well your kidneys are working by measuring creatinine levels in the blood. There are millions of small [...]

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A congenital condition which results from abnormal development of the penis is called chordee. It is a birth defect and can be treated by a sexologist doctor. The head of the penis curves downward or upward at the junction of the head and the shaft of the penis in this condition. In the time of [...]

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Erectile Dysfunction (ED): Causes, Treatment and More

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If a man finds it difficult to have or keep a firm erection enough to be able to have sexual intercourse, then he is said to have erectile dysfunction which is one of the male sexual problems. Occasionally, most men have experienced difficulty with their penis staying firm. However, if sexual performance is found impossible [...]

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