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Male Infertility – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

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For most couples, reproduction or making a baby is a simple and natural experience. However, it becomes very difficult to conceive for some couples. On the quantity and quality of sperm, a man’s fertility generally depends. It will be difficult and sometimes impossible for a man to cause a pregnancy if the number of sperm [...]

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Interstitial cystitis

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A chronic condition, which causes bladder pressure, bladder pain and sometimes pelvic pain, is called interstitial cystitis. It is also called painful bladder syndrome. The range of the pain is from mild discomfort to severe. If it happens, one must go to the top urologist for treatment. Urine is stored in the bladder, which is [...]

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Posterior Urethral Valve

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The tube draining urine from the bladder to the outside body for elimination is called urethra. A type of abnormality of the urethra is called Posterior Urethral Valve (PUV) which must be treated by urology doctors. When the urethral valves, which are small leaflets of tissue, have a narrow, slit-like opening that partially obstructs urine [...]

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Serum Creatinine Test

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The level of creatinine in the blood is measured by a serum creatinine test. When creatine, which is found in your muscle, breaks down, a waste product called creatinine is formed. Your urologist can get information about how well your kidneys are working by measuring creatinine levels in the blood. There are millions of small [...]

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