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Paraphimosis is mostly seen in uncircumcised males. If a man is not able to pull forward the foreskin over the tip of the penis, this condition happens. The foreskin gets swollen and stuck as a result of this and the blood flow to the penis slows down or stops. If you don’t have proper treatment, the [...]

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Diagnosis and Treatment of Peyronie’s Disease

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Among the male sexual problems, Peyronie’s disease is a significant one. The development of fibrous scar tissue inside the penis that results in curved and painful erections leads to this condition. There are different causes behind the development of this tissue and this condition has various symptoms. Here we will discuss the diagnosis and treatment of [...]

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When there is a need for permanent male contraception or male sterilization, sexologist doctors perform Vasectomy, which is a surgical procedure. In this procedure, the doctor severs the male vas deferens and ties them up so that the sperms cannot enter the urethra. A clinic, hospital or medical office is the place where the doctor performs [...]

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Male Infertility – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

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For most couples, reproduction or making a baby is a simple and natural experience. However, it becomes very difficult to conceive for some couples. On the quantity and quality of sperm, a man’s fertility generally depends. It will be difficult and sometimes impossible for a man to cause a pregnancy if the number of sperm [...]

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