Paraphimosis is mostly seen in uncircumcised males. If a man is not able to pull forward the foreskin over the tip of the penis, this condition happens. The foreskin gets swollen and stuck as a result of this and the blood flow to the penis slows down or stops. If you don’t have proper treatment, the condition can lead to serious complications. Paraphimosis is different from phimosis, which is a condition when it is not possible to pull back the foreskin from the tip of the penis. You should consult a reputed sexologist in Kolkata if you have the symptoms of paraphimosis.


There may be the following symptoms if you have paraphimosis:

  • Swelling at the end of the penis
  • Difficulty in pulling the retracted foreskin back over the head of the penis
  • Pain and discomfort
  • Inability to urinate
  • Tenderness and redness
  • Black or dark blue tissue at the end of the penis


Paraphimosis can happen due to various reasons. They include:

  • An infection
  • Applying force while pulling the foreskin back
  • An incorrect circumcision
  • Experiencing physical trauma to the genital area
  • The foreskin is tighter than normal
  • The foreskin is pulled back for an extended period
  • Swelling of the penis and foreskin
  • Diabetes in old men causing chronic inflammation of the penis and foreskin
  • Catheterization without returning the foreskin to its natural position


It is possible for a specialist in sexual problem treatment to diagnose paraphimosis by performing a physical examination and inspecting the penis. He/she will ask some questions about your symptoms and the problems you are experiencing with the penis or foreskin.


The doctor takes into consideration your age and the severity of your condition while deciding the treatment option. He/she will reduce the swelling at first by the following ways:

  • Apply ice to the area
  • Use needles to drain blood or pus
  • Wrap a bandage tightly around the penis
  • Inject an enzyme called ‘hyaluronidase’ that reduces swelling

In severe cases, a sexologist doctor in Kolkata often makes a small incision to give relief from the tension. He/she will move the foreskin back into position when the swelling gets reduced. You may need to take painkillers before the beginning of the procedure. The doctor will lubricate the penis and foreskin during the procedure. He/she will then pull down on the foreskin while gently squeezing the tip of the penis. When a case of paraphimosis is very severe, a complete circumcision or removal of the foreskin becomes necessary.

After either procedure, you should be careful about following the instructions of the doctor. The doctor will prescribe certain medicines and you should take them. You will get proper guidance of the doctor on how to take care of the tip of your penis and clean it after the treatment. If there is any pain after the treatment and develop a high fever you should consult the doctor, who may prescribe some antibiotics for treatment.