When there is a need for permanent male contraception or male sterilization, sexologist doctors perform Vasectomy, which is a surgical procedure. In this procedure, the doctor severs the male vas deferens and ties them up so that the sperms cannot enter the urethra. A clinic, hospital or medical office is the place where the doctor performs the procedure, which helps in preventing fertilization.


For permanent contraception or sterilization in men, Vasectomy is an effective procedure. In order to divert sperms flowing through the tubes, instead of letting them enter the urethra and fertilize with a woman’s egg, the sexologists in Kolkata surgically alter the two tubes (vas deferens) connected from the testicles to the urinary tract. A very effective birth control treatment is Vasectomy, although it is reversible. The time taken for Vasectomy is less than thirty minutes as it is a very simple surgical procedure.

After resting for a few hours, the patients can go home the same day of surgery. The sexual activities of the patients can resume within a week of the procedure as it is minimally invasive. There are rarely any complications related to vasectomy and so there is a minimum risk. Before you undergo the procedure, you have to make certain preparations.

Before the treatment

You may have to stop certain medications like aspirins and blood thinners on the advice of sexologist doctors at least ten days before the surgery. They will also ask you to go for several tests and a thorough physical exam so that they can check whether all your other organs are properly functioning. You need to wash thoroughly and wear tightly fitted underwear or an athletic supporter before you visit your doctor. Before the beginning of the vasectomy procedure, you will have to shave the front area of the scrotum.

The procedure

The time taken for Vasectomy is 10-20 minutes. You will be given local anaesthesia with the help and the best sexologist doctor in Kolkata will start vasectomy once the area becomes numb.

The doctor makes a couple of incisions in the scrotum and inserts the necessary instruments to lift the left or right vas deferens for cutting a section of it through the incisions. You will feel no pain but may feel a slight pulling sensation during the procedure.

The doctor then inserts an instrument, which generates heat to seal both the ends of the vas. Before placing them back to the scrotum, the doctor ties and clip the sealed ends of the vas. For the opposite vas deferens, a similar procedure is carried out. The doctor closes the cuts by stitches or naturally dissolvable sutures after withdrawing the instruments.