If a woman faces difficulty in reaching orgasm even after sexual stimulation, the condition is anorgasmia. It can cause distress in the relationship with your partner. There are variations in the intensity and frequency of orgasms. The variation is also evident in the amount of stimulation that is necessary for triggering an orgasm. Only penetration is not enough for some women to reach climax. They need direct or indirect clitoral stimulation along with that for attaining climax. You should seek medical help from the best sexologist doctor in Kolkata regarding this problem.


The inability to have an orgasm and delay in having an orgasm are the major symptoms of anorgasmia.


  • Lifelong anorgasmia: You will not have an orgasm in your entire life.
  • Acquired anorgasmia: You have difficulty in achieving orgasm at present but you used to have normal orgasms in the past.
  • Situational anorgasmia: In certain circumstances, you are able to have an orgasm.
  • Generalized anorgasmia: With any partner or in any situation, you aren’t able to attain orgasm.


Physical Causes

The physical causes of anorgasmia include:

  • Gynecological issues: There can be problems in your orgasm due to gynecologic surgeries. Many other sexual issues like uncomfortable or painful orgasm also lead to lack of orgasm.
  • Medications: The side effects of some medications can hamper orgasm.
  • Diseases: You can have difficulty in achieving orgasm due to some diseases.
  • Smoking and alcohol: There can be a problem in your ability to climax if you drink too much alcohol. The blood flow to your sexual organs can get restricted due to smoking.
  • Ageing: There are changes in your hormones, anatomy, circulatory system and the neurological system as you age. These changes can affect your sexuality.

Psychological Causes

There is a role of many psychological factors behind your inability to achieve orgasm:

  • Poor body image
  • Stress and financial pressures
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Guilt about enjoying sex
  • Past emotional or sexual abuse
  • Embarrassment

Relationship Issues

There are many issues between couples that can affect their sexual relationships. They are:

  • Unresolved conflicts
  • Lack of connection between partners
  • Intimate partner violence
  • Poor communication of sexual preferences and needs
  • Breach of trust


The following are some methods that help in the diagnosis of anorgasmia:

  • Physical exam:

    A physical exam helps the sexologists in Kolkata to check physical causes of anorgasmia. He/ she will particularly check your genital area.

  • Medical history:

    You may need to answer the doctor’s questions regarding your current relationship, sexual history and surgical history.


There are different treatment options for anorgasmia including medications, lifestyle changes and therapy.

  • Medical treatments:

    If you get treatment for an underlying cause of orgasm, it can solve your problem. A female sexual problem specialist doctor often suggests systemic estrogen therapy if menopausal symptoms are causing anorgasmia in women.

  • Lifestyle changes:

    It is of much help if you properly know your body and your sexual needs. Having increased sexual stimulation also helps in attaining orgasm. For example, a woman may need the stimulation of the clitoris to achieve orgasm.

  • Therapy:

    You can get positive results from sex therapy. It can also help if you go for counselling.